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Save 14% on beard care, skincare and shaving products with a Cutthroat subscription.

Subscriptions are designed for individuals who buy and use men's grooming products regularly. Our product range is constantly evolving. By the end of 2023 our product range will include haircare products including three new offerings: matte cream, hair clay and hair styling powder.

All product subscribers enjoy free shipping to an address within New Zealand

Add, Chop & Change Products When You Like

Our subscription management portal makes it simple to add, chop and change as and when you like. So, if you start your Cutthroat subscription with a Black Cedar Beard Oil you don't have to have the same next time, you may want to swap it for a beard balm. Peppermint Face Scrub or razor blades. You're free to chop and change whenever you like!

How Often is the Billing and Delivery Cycle?

Not everyone uses the same amount of product whether it's razor blades, beard oil, beard balm, moustache wax, shaving cream, face scrub or other, for example some men enjoy large beards and moustaches which require more love and attention. Some men shave everyday whereas others may shave only once or twice-a-week. We have multiple subscription options available with billing cycle options ranging from 1 month to 6 months.

If you use product daily try starting with the 1 month or 2 months option, alternatively choose the 3 months. However, don't worry if you get it wrong in the first instance - Cutthroat subscribers may change the frequency at any time and switch from one Cutthroat product to another by logging in to our website and changing the settings. You may modify your subscription anytime, however a minimum of three charges are required before you may cancel your subscription.

How to Start a Subscription

To start a subscription navigate to one of your favourite Cutthroat products and choose the 'Subscribe & Save (14%)' option instead of 'one-time purchase'. You will then be prompted to choose delivery period. Now click 'add to cart' and follow the checkout process.

Start saving money on men's grooming products today!

To get started follow the instructions above under 'How to Start a Subscription', your first product will be dispatched within 24-48 hours.

Changes to Product Prices

The price of products on this website may change from time to time due to supplier costs. Cutthroat Limited reserve the right to increase or decrease product prices at any time.