Cedarwood Atlas Has Many Health Benefits

Cedarwood Atlas Has Many Health Benefits

Jan 22, 2020Drew Mitchell

Native to the Atlas mountains of Morocco, Cedrus atlantica (or Atlas Cedar) is a tree known for its aromatic fragrance. They prefer colder temperatures and are usually found at high altitudes hence why it is native to the Atlas mountains. It produces Cedarwood atlas; an oil used across the world for its fantastic healing properties. It is thought to be one of the first in the essential oils group to have been discovered and widely used by humans for cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

History of Cedarwood Atlas

Records from ancient history show that the oil and the wood itself were utilised for a number of reasons, mainly for its medicinal and cosmetic properties, for consumables such incense and its benefits to skin and hair. The Egyptians used it for embalming, the Cedarwood Atlas oil was essential in the mummification process and was also used for skin care due to its health enhancing capabilities, evidence of how well this worked is shown in how well preserved these mummies still are now showing how effective it is as an insecticide and antimicrobial repellent. The wood was also used in ancient times for furniture and buildings such as temples. Probably the most destructive person using this tree for its wood as the main component in buildings was King Solomon who supposedly felled over ninety thousand trees over his twenty year reign.

It's also commonly thought that it is closely related to the biblical Cedar of Lebanon (because they are easy to grow and spread fast they became a symbol of abundance in the bible).

This Lebanese Cedar is no longer available for production purposes due to being over-harvested and driven to endangered status back in ancient times and the same fate could await the Atlas Cedar if surplus plantations are not raised, luckily it is the case that extra plantations are grown to ensure the species does not become extinct.

The tree is fast growing and long living, usually reaching maturity after two years. On average it grows up to 35m in height. Its leaves grow in needle shapes and are a green / grey in colour, they collect in groups of threes and fours around the branches. The summer blossom brings purple and light green flowers across its branches.

Steam Distilling Method

Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is extracted through a steam distilling method common with essential oils of this kind and tends to have a fairly high yield when distilled. Once distilled it is golden in colour and it is perfect for mixing with other essential oils such as black pepper, patchouli and palmarosa which has resulted in our top selling Cutthroat Black Cedar Beard Balm and Cutthroat Black Cedar Beard Oil.

It has many therapeutic benefits such as helping with insomnia and is used in aromatherapy treatment for its relaxing and strengthening properties. It makes an excellent decongestant aiding in coughs and colds. It can even help people with ADHD, there is evidence which shows inhaling this oil three times a day can improve memory and focus. This study was carried out on children and the parents said they saw improvements across the board, this needs to be more thoroughly investigated however to prove conclusive.

Healing Benefits

The Cedarwood Atlas oil is made from a mix of compounds including thujopsene, cedrol and cedrine meaning the oil contains various healing benefits. It has antiseptic qualities helping to eradicate bad bacteria (especially good for protecting your pores after a good shave). It helps people suffering with muscle spasms when used as a topical based medicine and also has anti-inflammatory properties beneficial for conditions such as acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties mean they help soothe itchy insect bites. It's also fantastic for more permanent skin damage such as stretch marks, scars, burns, minor wounds and eczema as the nutrients in the oil travels deep down healing your skin cells and locking in hydration to keep your skin rejuvenated. It’s perfect for helping to tighten your skin and muscles aiding in repairing damage done by stretch marks and loose skin caused by rapid weight loss or gain. Add some drops to carrier oil, massage over the affected area daily and watch your skin almost miraculously heal and become more vitalised.

This Cedarwood essential oil helps to keep the sebum levels in your skin perfectly balanced - this is the natural oils your skin produces to protect it.

Cutthroat New Zealand's amazing beard oils and beard balms are perfect when used as part of your grooming routine, the Cedarwood is perfect for keeping your hair and beard full, voluminous and healthy, perfect for if you have dry itchy skin or dandruff it while also rejuvenating your skin under the hairs. With its masculine odour, it is perfect for use in beard balms and oils.

If you are suffering from hair loss or a patchy beard this magical oil can help with this too. It helps reduce the attack from your immune system on your hair follicles which helps in conditions such as alopecia; it focuses on repairing the damage done and encourages new hair growth at a faster rate. Studies have proved that this oil can promote hair growth. As it is so good at locking in the moisture it acts as a perfect natural conditioner, all this without leaving the follicles greasy! Why not try it for yourself?! Get a beard or hair mask for the affected area massage and lather the oils in and let it do its work overnight (please do not use the pure essential oil on your skin - it must be mixed with a suitable carrier oil and in the correct percentages).

Is there anything that oil cannot do?! Great for greasy, thin or damaged beard and head hair. Its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, protecting and nurturing the skin, while aiding in circulation, a whole host of different skin conditions and can actually break down body fat! Used as a medicine the oil can treat urinary tract infections, coughs, colds, hay fever and even tuberculosis!

Not to mention the whole host of mental benefits it can have on the human body while also smelling fantastic, if you are not using this amazing wonder oil already then look online at our products today, you won't be disappointed!

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