Shaving Soap

Shaving Soap or Shaving Cream?

Having founded and operated Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown, we know to choose hard shaving soap over shaving cream. Why? In our experience the best shaving soaps are the hard soaps. Hard shaving soaps cost more as they last much longer, produce a higher quality lather when worked correctly and ultimately produce a great shaving experience. Although a hard shaving soap is generally more expensive than shaving cream, it provides better value for money.

Note: hard shaving soaps require more work than creams to create a rich lather. Use a shaving brush with 'warm' water and a mug or jar. Please read the below section on 'how to lather shaving soap in a mug or jar' for tips on how to lather correctly.

Ancient New Zealand Glacial Clay (Bentonite)

We add New Zealand Glacial Clay (bentonite) in to the mix, sourced from Canterbury. NZ glacial clay adds an additional layer of protection between the skin and the razor blade. Working with the fats and oils the bentonite clay creates an increased 'slick' which enables your razor blade to glide even easier across the surface of your skin - there's nothing quite like it!

Fat and Glycerine

A good shaving soap should also contain a high level of fat and glycerin. A high percentage of fat is necessary to provide good lubrication and skin protection during a shaving session.

How to Lather Shaving Soap in a Mug or Jar

If you want to know how to lather shaving soap in a mug here are some tips. The more you perform this traditional ritual the better you'll get at lathering up!
  1. Rinse your shaving brush in 'warm' water
  2. With a flick of the wrist flick the brush once to rid of excess warm water
  3. To load the brush with soap swirl it several times in the shaving soap mug or jar
  4. Work the shaving brush in the mug or jar to create a thick lather
  5. Add more soap or warm water as required and keep working the brush in the mug or jar until you achieve the perfect lather
  6. Spread the lather across your face and begin shaving!


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