Beard Balm

As founders and original operators of Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown, we know what makes a great beard balm. You can buy our masculine beard balms right here at the bottom of this page, alternatively you can buy them in-store at Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown, alternatively you can buy them from other barber shops and stockists in New Zealand.

Our beard balm is highly nutritious for your beard and your skin, it's easy to apply and it will make your beard look, feel and smell amazing!

Beard balm is a popular alternative to beard oil and should be used daily to nourish and shape your beard.

Handmade in Queenstown, New Zealand

We hand-make all of our beard balms in small batches in Queenstown, New Zealand and we use the finest quality ingredients.

How It's Made

We melt Shea butter, Candelilla wax & Lanolin in a large wax melter. We add Jojoba oil (Simmondsia chinensis) and Grape seed oil (Vitis vinifera), these oils are non-greasy and they're great for your hair and skin.

When the butters and oils are all melted together we add essential oils and or fragrance to give the beard balm a masculine scent. Finally the balms are poured and left to cool. "Voila!"

Tested and Refined in a Barber Shop

Our entire product range is tested and refined at Gents Barber Shop. Testing and refining in a barber shop has enabled us to create the highest quality beard balm that really works.

Essential Oils & Fragrances

To make your beard smell amazing we use high quality natural essential oils and fragrances. Our fragrances are designed and manufactured specifically for our brand. The scents are masculine and include Black Cedar, Spiced Whisky, Opium SmokeThe Tobacconist (Tobacco & Black Pepper) and Smokey Lavender.

Recyclable Packaging

Our beard balms are supplied in stylish 60ml amber glass jars which are recyclable and less harmful to the environment.

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