Moustache Wax

It's no secret that we love moustaches and moustache wax! In light of our love and affection for the manly Mo, we've created a natural medium hold mo wax product. Our moustache wax is handmade in small batches right here in Queenstown, New Zealand using the finest natural ingredients. You can purchase our moustache wax online right here or you can purchase them at Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown or from many other outlets within New Zealand.

Masculine scented moustache waxes include Black CedarSpiced WhiskyOpium SmokeThe TobacconistSmokey Lavender and Unscented.

Tested & Refined at Gents Barber Shop

Our moustache wax has been designed, refined and tested in Gents Barber Shop in Queenstown. Testing and refining in-house has been an essential part of our mo wax product design and manufacturing process. The natural waxes and oils in our product provide much needed nutrition for your Mo hair and skin.


Our moustache wax is handmade in small batches in Queenstown, New Zealand. We use the finest ingredients to produce the best quality moustache wax styling and beard care products.

Recyclable Amber Glass Jars

We like to be considerate by doing what we can to help preserve the environment, we therefore supply your moustache wax in a stylish recyclable amber glass pot. Amber glass filters the UV light to protect the contents and gives it a longer shelf life.

Moustache wax is supplied in a recyclable clear glass cosmetic pot. Each pot contains 15g of masculine scented mo wax for those who like to show off their facial furniture.

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