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beard oil nz

Beard Oil NZ

It's no secret that we love beards! In light of our love and affection for manly facial furniture, we've created a supreme beard oil product for beard lovers. We hand-craft our beard oils in small batches right here in Queenstown using the finest ingredients. You can purchase our beard oils online or you can visit us in-store.
As professional barbers you can rest assured, we know what makes an amazing beard oil and how it makes a beard look and feel amazing!
Black Cedar and Spiced Whisky are our most popular scents. If you're looking for something sweeter and smokier try our Opium Smoke beard oil. On the other hand if you're looking for something utterly manly choose our latest addition The Tobacconist beard oil, it's made with real tobacco essential oil and balanced perfectly with black pepper essential oil.

Our Beard Oils Are Designed, Tested & Refined at Gents Barber Shop

We use high quality jojoba oil as one of two main carrier oils. Jojoba is a very stable oil and most similar to the natural oils in your skin. We also use grape seed oil which is sustainable thanks to the abundance of grape seeds made available by vineyards. Grapeseed oil is rich in fatty acids, vitamins and other essential nutrients. Manly fragrance and top quality essential oils are used to create our unique beard oil scents.

Essential Nutrition for Your Beard

Cutthroat beard oil provides much needed nutrition for your facial hair and skin. It works in harmony with your skin and conditions your beard hair which in turn prevents your beard from drying out and split-ends. Our masculine beard oil collection currently includes Black Cedar, Spiced Whisky, Opium Smoke and The Tobacconist. We're constantly working on new scents so watch this space!

Recyclable Glass Beard Oil Bottles & Oil-proof Labelling

We like to consider the environment, so we supply your beard oil in a recyclable 30ml clear black dripulator glass bottle which helps to protect the carrier oils and essential oils within. These recyclable glass bottles come with stylish oil-proof labelling to help prevent early label deterioration and unsightly damage as these beard oil bottles are expected to sit in your bathroom or wash bag for several months. Tampertel wadded black caps are provided for easy use, simply turn the bottle upside down and let the scented beard oil drop in to the palm of your hand in perfectly sized drops every time. Tampertel caps also help to reduce beard oil wastage and provide a cleaner experience.

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