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Razor Blades

Double edge safety razor blades come in small packs of five. However, a one-time purchase from Cutthroat New Zealand includes five packs of 5 blades (25 Razor Blades).

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Never run out of razor blades by signing up to our product subscription service. Subscribers enjoy 14% discount, free shipping on every order and a delivery cycle that suits you e.g. ranging from 2 months to 6 months.

How long will 25 razor blades last? on average one razor blade will provide 2 - 3 shaves and therefore they should last you 2 - 3 months. The more regularly you shave and the more course your facial hair is the quicker you'll use them up. Please also note that the quality of the razor blades vary. from one brand to the next. The quality of the blades are usually determined by the price and visa-versa. We suggest you start off with 25 see how long they last. If you subscribe you can swap to another brand for your next delivery.. it's free to swap and change whenever you like.

These double edge safety razor blades are compatible with just about every double-edge safety razor, but they can also be snapped in half to be used in a straight razor (shavette). For purists, they’re an essential purchase.