Wlikinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (5 x Packs)

Wlikinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades (5 x Packs)

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Wilkinson Sword double edge safety razor blades come in small packs of five. However, a one-time purchase from Cutthroat New Zealand includes five packs of 5 blades (25 Razor Blades).

Typically 25 blades should last 2 - 3 months. The more regularly you shave and the more course your facial hair is the quicker you'll get through the blades. We suggest you start off with 25 and see how long they last.

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Each Wilkinson Sword razor blade is precision honed, and coated with chromium for maximum longevity and corrosion-resistance. Polymer coatings provide greater durability, while a final topcoat of PTFE allows the blade to slide as smoothly as possible across the skin. These Wilkinson Sword Double Edge Safety Razor Blades are compatible with just about every double-edge safety razor, but they can also be snapped in half to be used in a straight razor or shavette. For purists, they’re an essential purchase.