Palmarosa - The Wonder Oil

Palmarosa - The Wonder Oil

Dec 27, 2019Drew Mitchell

Palmarosa oil extracted from Cymbopogon Martini Plant, part of the lemongrass family, is native to India but it is grown domestically and commercially around the world. Its appearance is that of a wild growing green grass with flowering tops. The stem of the grass is steam distilled and an oil is derived through this method of extraction.

Back in ancient times in India Palmarosa oil was used in Ayurvedic practises - this is one of the world's oldest whole-body healing systems developed over 3000 years ago, originating from the Indian subcontinent. It has since become more modernised and can now be found all over the world.

At some point in history it became a high value commodity in Europe and was used for its fragrance in various soaps, perfumes and other cosmetics and was even used in tobacco! In China they used it as an effective topical treatment for inflammation and other skin conditions due to its ability to moisturise and cool.
It is currently in very high demand in the fragrance industry as it is used as a component in perfumes, premium beard oil and beard balm amongst other products. Not only is it good for the skin and hair but it also smells like roses, hence the name. In fact Turks in history blended Palmarosa with rose oil to increase its volume!

It is very easy to grow and cultivate, surviving in climates with low levels of rainfall - around 150-200m per years worth and with plenty of sunlight this grass can thrive for up to 5 years.

Once planted (ideally in raised plowed earth) it takes around 3 months to grow to its average 5m height.

For best results the plants are harvested when flowering takes place as this means the stems will have the highest concentration of Geraniol which results in better quality Palmarosa oil, this is also the case if the grass has been dried out for at least a month before being steam distilled and this also guarantees the largest yield. Once the first harvest is complete it is then re-harvested around every two and a half months for around the next five years making it very sustainable.

Benefits of Plamarosa Oil to the Skin

Palmarosa oil has a number of benefits to the skin and acts as a natural insect repellent, effective for mosquitos as well while providing anti-fungal relief for said potential mosquito bites. Not only that but if put on food such as beans it also acts as a natural repellent for bugs when they are being stored, it's also good for your digestive system all at the same time. It can help to cure bacterial infections internally and externally. It is also a fantastic anti-aging compound helping to heal cuts and other injuries while also making the skin soft, smooth and moisturised. With it being rich in nutrients when the oil travels deep into the tissue it helps to replenish skin cells. With your outer skin replenished the oil works to seal in hydration to keep the skin smooth and moisturised, perfect for treating acne prone skin.

Palmarosa keeps the levels of oil in your skin and sebum production in your body at the perfect balance. It’s also a dog's best friend! This oil is completely safe for animals working to treat skin conditions while keeping fur soft and thick.
In terms of benefits for your hair and beard this essential oil is very helpful in normalising the sebaceous glands, as they penetrate into the hair shaft and follicle, the end result being healthy, soft and shiny hair that is conditioned, growing faster than what it would otherwise naturally grow.

It is great for controlling dandruff, improving the condition of the hair in general. Overall it's ideally suited for dry or thinning hair and improving the growth and thickness of beards. If you need a bit more girth or a healthier beard overall give a beard balm or beard oil oil a try as part of your regular beard cleaning and shaving routine and watch your beard grow thicker and healthier. Make sure to get a premium oil or balm from manufacturers that know what they are doing! Certain premier manufacturers like Cutthroat New Zealand hand produce their balms and oils in batches created by professionals that really know their stuff.

Effective Aromatherapy Ingredient for Mental Health

As well as the health benefits it has for skin and hair it also works as an effective aromatherapy ingredient for your mental health. Essential oils are used worldwide for their holistic benefits. Since Palmarosa has a very sweet floral smell it works perfectly as a diffuser to reduce stress and anxiety, all it takes is a few drops in the diffuser and it is good to go. Another good way would be to use bath salts with Palmarosa in. If you use a salt emulsifier then you can make your own ensuring the oil spreads across the bath instead of sitting on the top not doing what it is there for. All you need to do is get some Epsom salt mixed with drops of essential oils, then let it rest for a few hours so the oils absorb into the salts effectively.

Another option would be to use it as a massage oil when mixed with carrier oil, perfect in conjunction with an already relaxing massage for ultimate anxiolytic relief. This amazing oil has so many benefits that have stood the test of time and still just as popular in today's world as it ever was!

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