Grapeseed Oil and Its Miraculous Properties

Grapeseed Oil and It’s Miraculous Properties

Jan 31, 2020Drew Mitchell

After a long day of hard work, I think most of us can agree that there are few things more relaxing than settling down with a glass or 2 of wine. It may come as a surprise that those lovely, juicy little grapes that provide that glass of pure bliss can be as just as good for your hair and skin as they are for your mental wellbeing.

Derived from one of the oldest cultivated plants in the world, Grapeseed oil is a popular essential oil used in cooking, skin and hair products today. The oil comes from the seeds of from the Vitis vinifera botanical which is commonly grown to produce wine grapes, there are thought to be over 8000 varieties of grapes known to scientists developed over the years. A byproduct of winemaking, Grapeseed oil is created from the leftover seeds in the grapes and is used mainly as a beauty and cosmetic product while also being marketed as an alternative to vegetable oil, it has many benefits in the human body.

Vitis Vinifera

The Vitis vinifera originates from the Mediterranean, Central European, Asian, Moroccan and Portuguese regions and is now grown and cultivated in every continent around the world today, except for Antarctica. It’s so popular and well used in today's world that nearly 30 thousand square miles of the planet are devoted to the growing and harvesting of grapes.

The process of deriving the oil from the grape is a fairly simple one, they are usually crushed or pressed in factories and are a plentiful resource, usually used as a dressing in salads due to its lightness. 

It is believed that the ancient Greeks were one of the first civilisations to use this oil and the grapes themselves for their benefits to the human body. Ancient medical records prove this and were recorded by Greek physicians praising them for their health benefits.

Stretching back further in time; evidence of grape cultivation can be found in today's Georgia near Eastern Europe nearly 6000 years ago. Romans and Ancient Egyptians also show evidence of use shown with remains of wineries discovered by Archeologists. Back in those times nothing on the plant was wasted; the grapes were used for wine or juice and the leaves were used in decoration and of course the oil was extracted for its health benefits.

It's been a part of human history for so long that it has even been mentioned in the bible as an ‘ancient healer’. They have been around on the planet for at least 65 million years according to scientists, just after the extinction of the dinosaurs, today's descendants are thought to be related to these very ancient grape vines.

In terms of its Aromatherapy uses, it can help to relieve stress and anxiety especially when used in conjunction with a message.

Grapeseed Oil Benefits

Grapeseed oil has various benefits on our skin, one of the principal benefits is its effectiveness at absorbing into the skin while moisturising it at the same time, great for treating skin conditions such as acne, eczema and dry skin, while also boasting anti ageing properties for good measure, aiding in preventing wrinkles and keeping the skin firm. It's amazing at helping to repair skin and balance the sebum levels, the fatty acids contained in the grapeseed can help with treating skin damage such as stretch marks, scars and other wounds.

Perfect for balancing oily skin as well as helping to prevent oily patches, with the help of a good daily grooming and moisturising routine it can help to manage overly oily skin due to the high concentration of linoleic acid inside; the acid helps to keep the pores of your skin unclogged and reduce any natural oil trapped in them. The results mean soft, smooth and healthy skin.

As mentioned it's fantastic at treating skin conditions while also toning the skin, its ability to cleanse the pores means your skin stays cleaner for longer, helping to keep out bad bacteria that can help cause spots and recurring breakouts maintaining your skin's ideal levels, perfect for that dry itchy skin under beards and other such areas prone to being vulnerable to these conditions.

Vitamin E

Containing Vitamin E, which is proven to have anti ageing benefits, this Vitamin also helps in supporting the immune system, eye health, lowering the risk of heart disease and lowering the risk of cancer, with so many benefits its a must for anyone with a proper grooming regime.

Grapeseed oil used in beard balms and beard oils can support the skin around this area, massage products containing this are also available so this oil can be used across the entire body to keep the skin everywhere moisturised and at its best.

As well as its benefits to skin it also has various benefits to hair, aiding vastly in conditions such as dandruff, which is more often than not a side effect of dry skin, using this carrier oil can loosen the dead skin cells while locking in moisture. Other oil used in these treatments such as coconut oil can leave your hair overly weighed down and greasy looking, but grapeseed oil is lightweight and so does not suffer from this side effect. Use it to add moisture, strength and shine to you hair or beard!

Also made as a natural remedy for loss of hair or patchy beards the Linolenic acid stimulates the hair follicles in conjunction with the powerful antioxidants which work to induce and increase hair growth.

Use additional essential oils like Palmarosa, Cedarwood Atlas and Patchouli in your care products if you are looking to try a whole new hair and beard treatment regime. Make sure to buy only the best beard balms and beard oils from manufacturers that know what great hair and skin care is, our premium cutthroat products made by Gents barber shop in Queenstown, New Zealand are hand crafted and tested in the shop to have amazing results while smelling great at the same time.

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