Use Moustache Wax to Control Your Mo!

Use Moustache Wax to Control Your Mo!

Nov 02, 2022Drew Mitchell

Moustache wax is one of the most popular products at Cutthroat New Zealand®. It helps keep guys' facial hair in check and helps style the Mo naturally with its natural ingredients, without leaving behind any unwanted residue or stickiness on your face!

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Controlling Your Moustache

Moustache wax is a substance that can be used to help control your moustache. Moustache wax can be made from a variety of different ingredients, but there's one thing most have in common: natural active substances. Here at Cutthroat New Zealand our recipe contains Beeswax, Lanolin and Castor Oil. These ingredients are natural and provide a medium hold.

When you first take moustache wax out of the pot, it’s hard because it's cold. You need to warm up and work the moustache wax into your facial hair using your fingertips.

Less is more when it comes to using moustache wax. Just a little bit of the stuff will go along way and you don't want any excess.

Masculine Scented Moustache Wax

Cutthroat New Zealand moustache wax is hand-crafted in Queenstown. We use the finest ingredients to produce the best quality moustache styling products. Our scented moustache waxes include 'unscented' in addition to the following masculine scents and fragrances:

Our moustache wax is supplied in a recyclable glass cosmetic pot. Each pot contains 15g of masculine scented mo wax.

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