Where to Buy Moustache Wax

Where to Buy Moustache Wax

Jan 14, 2023Drew Mitchell

We have extensive knowledge of a range of men’s grooming products. Among the most popular of them currently is moustache wax: a product that helps the hirsute gentleman to keep his facial hair in order and natural style. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the substance, examine it in greater detail and guide you on where to buy moustache wax in New Zealand.

What is Moustache Wax For?

Moustache wax, simply put, is a substance used to control moustaches. When facial hair gets beyond a certain length, it has a habit of growing outward in all directions at once. By applying a styling wax, you can ensure that you look like a civilised gentleman rather than a man who forgot to shave.

What is Moustache Wax Made From?

Moustache wax comes in different forms depending on the manufacturer. There are, however, several active natural ingredients including essential oils and carrier oils common to many of them. Jojoba oil, for example, is the product of the jojoba, or ‘deer nut’ plant found in California and northern Mexico. It’s unique among plants in that it contains extremely long straight-chain molecules, which give it more in common with the oils naturally produced by animals (and your skin).

How to Apply the Wax

When you first take moustache wax out of the pot, you’ll probably be surprised at just how hard it is. This is because it’s cold; you’ll need to warm it up to work it into your moustache. As it heats up, the fat molecules will begin to disentangle themselves, and it’ll become nice and pliant. You can get this going with simple friction – just take out a small amount of wax and roll it between your fingers. Some men like to achieve this using a blast of hot air from a hair-dryer, but this approach will cause the wax that you aren’t using to repeatedly heat up and cool down, which isn’t good for it in the long-run.

Apply a little bit of wax and work it into your moustache, first with your hands and then with a comb. If you’ve worked it properly, it should be smooth and free from small clumps. High-quality waxes will be perfectly smooth throughout, but lesser ones may contain small blobs which you’ll need to either throw away or work out.

It’s important to note that less is more – a little bit of wax will go a long way, as there are not all that many hairs that need to be covered. Scrape a little bit out of the pot using a fingernail. If you apply too much, then the excess won’t be properly absorbed, and it’ll cool into visible clumps as it dries.

How Often Should I Apply Moustache Wax?

Ideally, you should need to apply your mo wax just once a day in the morning. But the moustache is an area of the face that’s primed for punishment, and your wax might well melt before the day is out if it’s a hot day. If you live in a toasty part of the world, then it might make sense to opt for something a little more hard-wearing; for most New-Zealanders, standard moustache wax will do just fine. You might consider carrying around a little pot of the stuff so that you can refresh the coating after meals – but for most of us, this isn’t necessary.

Is Moustache Wax Right for Me?

You don’t have to be a seasoned groomer to get some benefit from moustache wax. With daily application, you’ll find that your hairs become used to lying in a certain direction, which makes grooming in general easier.

It’s generally agreed that the best time to start using moustache wax is at the point when your moustache hairs start to fall down over the top of your mouth. This is annoying, and many of us will begin to habitually chew the ends of our hairs off when they get to this length. This not only prevents the growth of a full, luxuriant-looking moustache; it’ll also make the whole thing appear uneven.

Moustache wax contains nutrients that’ll promote the health of the skin as well as the hairs themselves. As such, you might consider it worthwhile to apply a little bit of the oil before any of the hairs start to come through – it’ll hydrate and clear the skin in the same way as other skincare products might.

Is Premium Moustache Wax Worth It?

It’s possible to pick up moustache wax for a modest price, if you’re willing to compromise on quality. This compromise is rarely justified, however. While a cheap mo wax will hold your moustache in position, it won’t be natural and organic or condition your hair and skin in the same way as a higher quality product would. The result will be stringy, straw-like facial hair of the sort that no-one likes. What’s more, the savings that can be had by opting for a cheaper mo wax aren’t as fantastic as you might think, given that a tub of premium wax will last for weeks and months on end before needing to be refreshed – remember that you only need to apply a little bit of it each time.

Should Moustache Wax Be Scented?

Most haircare and skincare products are at least slightly aromatic, and moustache waxes are no exception. Where the moustache is concerned, this might be a bit of a problem, as it’s a part of the body that’ll be wafted underneath your nose throughout the day. An overpowering scent will almost always get old quickly, so look for something subtle, and preferably entirely natural. Most premium waxes will carry just a little bit of a smell – but in most cases, it won’t be so strong that you can’t smell anything else.

Where to Buy Moustache Wax?

Of course, if you want to know where to buy moustache wax – you can purchase it right here on the Cutthroat New Zealand website. We stock six different mo wax fragrances including unscented.

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