Opium Smoke Beard Care & Moustache Gift Set


Opium Smoke Beard Care & Moustache Set Made in NZ

The Cutthroat Opium Smoke Beard Care & Moustache Gift Set includes one 60ml beard balm, one 30ml beard oil and one 15g moustache wax.

The Opium Smoke scented products are high quality hand-crafted items made in small batches in Queenstown in consultation with a clinically trained AromaScience Practitioner to ensure the products are safe for cosmetic use.

A range of high-quality ingredients have been chosen for their individual properties. These ingredients are natural, non-greasy, nourishing for hair & skin and they do not clog the skin pores. To view ingredients please visit the individual product pages Opium Smoke Beard Balm, Opium Smoke Beard Oil and Opium Smoke Moustache Wax.

Fragrance Notes

Frankincense, Myrrh, Coffee, Vanilla, Vetiver, Pepper and Pipe smoke.

Product Packaging

Beard balm comes in a stylish recyclable 60ml amber glass pot.

Beard oil comes in a stylish recyclable amber glass Dripolator bottle and Tampertel wadded black cap for easy use, less wasted oil and a cleaner experience.

Moustache Wax

Comes in a stylish recyclable amber glass cosmetic pot.

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