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Jojoba Oil Benefits and Characteristics

Originating from the word ‘Hohowi’ named by the Native American tribe (called the O'odham) that discovered the versatility of Jojoba seeds (or beans) back in the 18th century, they originally used the nut taken from the Simmondsia chinensis plant and turned it into an anti-oxidant paste for skin care and hair conditioning. The Native Americans then began to extract the oil from the seeds to treat sores and wounds by heating it and grinding it into a buttery salve which doubled up as a softening agent for their animal hides. The Jojoba seeds were sometimes even ground to make drinks, like during hunts and raids, the nut was eaten for nourishment too. It is said that pregnant women would have...

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Lanolin’s Features, Benefits And History

Lanolin (latin for ‘wool oil’) and its use in history dates as far back as approximately 8000 years in human history, this oil is produced by the sebaceous (skin) glands of sheep, the raw material taken from the sheep's wool is known Adeps lanae, or wool fat / wool grease. It helps to keep their wool as water resistant as possible as it holds back the water. Lanolin is a perfect moisturiser for skin and hair, it's completely renewable and easy to harvest as it is a byproduct of wool-gathering and does not harm the sheep in anyway. Evidence of use can be found way back into ancient history wherein the Egyptians would place blocks on their heads which melted...

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Why We Use Shea Butter in Beard Balm Products

First discovered in the western region of Africa this complex fat is a perfect component used in medicinal and cosmetic products around the world. They are derived from the nuts inside the fruit on a Shea nut tree (butyrospermum parki) which can only be found growing naturally in 21 countries on the West African continent in the wild of the dry savannah belt which include Ethiopia, Ghana, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Kenya and Guinea to name but a few. History, Features & Benefits of Shea Butter This article will look to go into the history, features and benefits of this amazing butter used in many products including our own beard balm. It is hailed as one of the ultimate...

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