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Face Scrub

Your face collects a lot of dirt and oil throughout the day, trapping into your pores and resulting in blackheads or acne. Instead of simply washing your face, you can combat the issue by going a step further by exfoliating.

Exfoliating Men's Face Scrub

Using Cutthroat's exfoliating face scrub you penetrate deeply into your facial pores and remove all of the dirt and oils that are clogging your skin. The exfoliating cleanser smoothes, refines, and cleans below the surface of the skin so that you don't break out later. Exfoliating regularly may also ease the shaving process along, reduce wrinkles, and get rid of rough, dry patches. A good quality exfoliating men's face scrub is one of the best grooming products a man can have in his arsenal of weapons for clean, clear and healthy skin. Unclog the pores of your skin and remove dead skin cells. Cutthroat use the finest ingredients to produce masculine scented and amazing quality men's face scrubs.