Beard Oil Multipack (x3 Bottles)


Beard Oil Multipacks Handmade in NZ (5 Options)

Choose from five beard oil multipack combinations. Beard oil multipacks include three masculine scented beard oils. Our beard oils have been designed in consultation with a clinically-trained AromaScience Practitioner to ensure the products are safe for cosmetic use and hand-crafted in small batches in Queenstown using the finest ingredients.

Beard Oils

For information about each beard oil please click on the links below:


Directions for Use

Hold the bottle upside down and let the beard oil drip in to the palm of your hand. Rub the beard oil between your palms and fingers. Apply to your skin and beard hair rubbing deeply. Finish using a beard comb or brush


Beard oils come in stylish recyclable amber glass Dripolator bottles and Tampertel wadded black caps for easy use, less wasted oil and a cleaner experience.

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